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Xiaomi Electric Shaver SMATE four blade electric shaver (st-w481)

 Xiaomi Electric Shaver SMATE four blade electric shaver (st-w481)
 Xiaomi Electric Shaver SMATE four blade electric shaver (st-w481)
 Xiaomi Electric Shaver SMATE four blade electric shaver (st-w481)
 Xiaomi Electric Shaver SMATE four blade electric shaver (st-w481)

A SMATE, az ST-W481 típusú elektromos borotva az eredeti négypengés szabadon lebegő borotválkozási rendszert alkalmazza, szakállvezető ferde késsel + főkés + középső kés + főkés. A ferde késsel átvezethető a hatékony borotválkozás érdekében. A vágófej Anlai acélból készült. Japánból importált nagy sebességű motorral van felszerelve, és támogatja a nedves és száraz használatot is. TYPE-C interfésszel tervezték, és 20 napig használható egyetlen töltéssel. Gyönyörű, egyszerű és elegáns.

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SMATE razor with four cutting heads



Long use

A razor that understands you


Modern life is so intense that it is difficult to find time even for careful shaving. Fortunately, the SMATE electric shaver will easily solve this problem.


Blades that move in the reciprocating direction will cope even with thin soft hairs and help support any shape of the beard. Enjoy a nice clean shave according to the latest trends.


Stylish distinctive body


Simple design without unnecessary corners and drawings. The outer shell is made of matte aluminum alloy, on which fingerprints do not remain. Rubber back cover tightly lies even in fat hands.


18 months of painstaking preparation and 20 stages of art processing have challenged the most sophisticated metal processing technologies and technical rubber blend to get youth, laconic and elegant.

Highly efficient shaving

Four cutting heads easily cope with hairs of any length.

A block with four cutting heads moving in the reciprocating direction was created specifically to resolve all the difficulties that arise during shaving. It consists of a combination of kosogo blade, guide hairs to cutting elements, main blade, center blade and second main blade.


The braid blade grabs long soft hairs and cuts them short, after which the main blades shave them to the end. This system avoids re-shaving. Between the blades there are three guide strips that not only help to capture the hairs, but also increase the degree of slip, giving the skin a feeling of comfort.

Floating Head

Easily attached to the face even in hard-to-reach places


Floating Heads, as well as rocking from side to side, the Mount is well adjacent to the contours of the face and respond to their changes.


They will cope even with such hard-to-reach places as corners of the mouth, chin and back of the neck.


Blade Yasugi

Perfect combination of comfort and sharp blades


The structure of the grid of the main blades is made according to the Crow diagram. Hairs easily penetrate the holes of such a grid. Coating the outer layer with tin-cobalt alloy made it pleasant for the skin.


Shaving heads are made of strong and durable steel Yasugi, from which they are made incl. Surgical knives. The advanced sharpening of the blades is carried out at an angle of 27 °, so that the sharp razor cuts off the vegetation on the face at one time.

Japanese motor-high power and durability


Electric Shaver is equipped with imported Japanese high-speed motor, speed which more than 8 000 rpm.


With a daily use of 3 minutes, the motor will serve you well for more than 8 years. The noise of the device is 65 dB, and it's with four blades! Electric Shaver SMATE-for the most bold and determined men.


Washing in water-less trouble about hygiene


The electric shaver has protection according to the IPX7 standard: this means that it is completely waterproof. You can completely immerse it in the water for cleaning or use for wet shaving under the shower, moisture will not cause the device any harm.


External mesh and internal shaving heads have a collapsible design, so they can be washed separately, which guarantees greater hygiene.


20 days of continuous use


Brand new lithium iron phosphate battery is lighter, safe and stable. When fully charged, it can continuously work more than an hour, and with daily use of three minutes, its operation without recharging reaches 20 days.


The battery is fully charged in one hour. If you don't have time, you can recharge it in three minutes, that will be enough for one shaving procedure.

Useful tips

1. razor blades move in reciprocating direction. Keep the razor perpendicular to the skin and slowly lead against hair growth to achieve better effect.

2. during the first use, the appearance of itching and tingling is possible. Please do not stop using, the skin need to get used to the new device. After the third application there will be improvements. Gel or shaving foam will help to reduce discomfort from the first application.


3. shaving heads and mesh are precision parts. Do not forget to cover them with a protective cover after use to avoid falling.

4. start shaving with your neck. Gradually move up, moving from the left side of the face to the right.

5. near the mouth move to the center on both sides.


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